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Then, everything goes down the drain at a dangerous day of skating on just to thin ice. Maybe now the Easter bunny will talk to him? Unrequited Jack Frost/Pitch Black (Guardians of Childhood) (11) Angst (4) Creepy Pitch Black (Guardians of Childhood) (3) Alternate Universe (2) …

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. sibandit 7 Deviations Featured: Blackice- Pitch x Nightmare Jack &middo Strictly for those who love any and all interactions between Pitch Black and Jack Frost. "Because what goes better together than cold and darkness?" All ratings  Pitch Black shares one common thing with Jack that the Guardians do not; he knows what it is like to be alone and unbelieved in. It is one of the few sincere  Ask Toothiana and Baby Tooth. ionahi: “ inspired by mana whom was kind enough to draw an ice cloak for Pitch from  28 Jan 2013 Black Ice (Pitch Black and Jack Frost)  Coffee and Fruit Snacks 30. Rise of the Guardians Blackice Jack Frost/Pitch Black On AO3 Here. Pitch wakes Jack up on a Sunday.

bodyguard Pitch and boss Jack AU. #awww; #jack is so precious; #comics . Reblogged from ginger11-on 2,390 notes. Posted 14, November, 2019. ginger11-on: rotg log ️

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Rise of The Guardians, Jack Frost, Pitch Black, the song or any of the pictures!Hello there, beloved viewers!! I've come back with an The song is Dark in my Imagination by of Verona (

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"What goes together better than cold and dark?" Song: Bernadette by IAMX there is a sequel video I made to this called 'Special death'.

He reminded them of all those years ago. When they had created the strange black ice sculpture for the first time. He explained to them that there was a piece of both of them inside of it. Pitch Black's sand. And Jack's ice. They had fused together into black ice.